18 July 2014

Hair Probs feat. My Peahead + Keratin Treatment

Earrings by Kendra Scott, Top by Ann Taylor Loft 
What's up, beauty babes? As for me, I was born with straight hair. But - PLOT TWIST - by the time I was three years old, my hair had completely transformed into a mass of crazy curls atop my little peahead. And so for the next fifteenish years it continued to grow that way: long, thick, and curly. Some days, I would love my curls. Other times - more often than not - I would fight it. In fact, I am pretty sure I straightened my hair every friggin day in seventh grade because I just wanted smooth hair, OK!? and to not look like a poofball.  In recent years though, my hair sort of relaxed as far as curls went. They sort of transformed from very tight curls to softer curls; it is hard to explain but they did get slightly more managable. What didn't get any easier was the frizz. OH, THE FRIZZ! I never wore it down during the day for fear of the frizz - thank God I went to an-all girls high school where bad hair was the norm and nobody  really cared what you looked like! I pretty much wore my crazy hair in a bad braid or messy bun on the daily, especially at school. I still got loads of compliments on my hair - how soft it was, how beautiful it was - to which I responded, are you on crack? my hair is a mess! I have never HATED my hair...I just wished it was more manageable and more Blake Lively-esque (but don't we all).

A few days ago, I decided to end the battle with my hair and have the Nanokeratin treatment done on it. You remember the Brazilian Blowout? Well this is very similar and is of the same concept except it uses the all-natural protein of Keratin as opposed to the damaging chemicals or whatever was in the 'Brazilian Blowdry' which caused it to be recalled - yikes!

I was in the salon for about 4 to 5 hours on Tuesday. I know. Cray. It was a lengthy process, and after the treatment is over you have to wait 72 hours as the keratin is sealed into your hair. No water, no bobbi pins, no hair grips, no hair ties or headbands, nothing! for 72 hours. After the 72 hours are up, you are finally allowed to wash your hair and style it how you like. I am looking forward to 6 to 9 months of frizz free, shiny, healthy hair! Wahooo!


It is now the 21st July, almost a week since I did the keratin treatment. I have now added the picture you see above - sorry about the awful quality, as you can see it's an Instagram selfie! That, my friends, is what my hair looks like now WITHOUT the use of products or anything. I literally haven't done anything to my hair except wash it. The treatment transformed my hair! Literally no frizz. No tangles. Just soft, natural looking waves without even trying. I am in love with my new hair. It feels so much lighter and healthier - it is a few inches shorter now as well - and I cannot stop touching it! Stay tuned here on Annesque, more hair related posts coming soon including my new hair care routine!

15 July 2014

Pesky Blemishes - No More!

Hello and welcome, readers! Let me just say that I know you are probably tired of reading reviews about this - the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (I have it in the colour Vanilla) - but I just can't help myself. This baby is a classic and has been raved about by beauty bloggers for ages but I just have to throw my own two cents in as well. On days where I just can't be bothered to put on a full face of makeup which - let's face it - is most days, I reach for this. This is one of my absolute favorite concealers of all friggin time. It covers my dark under eye cirles and instantly conceals pesky little spots and scars. I love its creamy consistency! I just use a few dabs under my eyes and on any places where I may have a spot or any redness and I find that it doesn't take much product to cover up any blemishes I may have. 

A very similar dupe for this, as I am sure you're aware, is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. Both these concealers are a must-have for me! I have yet to try any other concealer that top these two, but do let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations! x

14 July 2014

Flawless Barely There Makeup

I woke up like 'dis - Ladies, we all know that if a woman says she woke up like that, chances are she actually didn't wake up like that. The trick is to master the art of barely there makeup to look like you've got nothing on. Personally, this is my favorite look. I think makeup shouldn't be used as a mask to hide behind but rather a way to enhance your natural beauty without distracting from it. I would much rather spend less than five minutes on my makeup. Most days I just wear a sheer layer of this Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer in the shade Nude, just a little mascara, a brown eyepencil such as the NARS Larger Than Life Long-wear Eyeliner pencil in Via De'Martelli - I usually add a flick for a slight cat-eye effect - and maybe a blusher such as Benefit Dallas, a gorgeous subtle 'outdoor glow for the indoor gal.'

This tinted moisturizer is seriously the bomb dot com. I only have maybe three uses left out of the tube shown above, and I've gone through several through the years. When I first started wearing actual makeup - I was probably thirteen or fourteen, and even then it was only on occasions - this little babe was one of the first things I got! My mom and I love browsing the beauty counters at Neiman Marcus, as you do, and I remember the lady at the Laura Mercier counter recommending this for me. It provides beautiful coverage, gives a radiant glow and nice sheen to my normal to dry skin, never feels oily or heavy, and always makes my skin look naturally perfect without being obvious. This is the perfect barely there base for summer time, but quite honestly I use it year round! Looove this product. Will definitely repurchase again and again! 

13 July 2014

Holiday in Cancun + the Mayan Jungle

As I have previously mentioned, I went on holiday for a week to Cancun. It wasn't my first time in Cancun, it was actually I think my third visit (I travel a lot)! I apologize for the quality of photo as well, these were all taken on my iPhone and not my usual Nikon that I use for blogposts. I hope you enjoy this little look into our holiday! 
This is the view from my balcony at the hotel room the first evening we arrived- not too shabby, I'd say!

My favorite dessert I had whilst in Cancun - it was a chocolate cake from the Italian restaurant at the hotel called Ciao.

We took an amazing 'Jungle Tour' and saw crocodiles in the wild - crike!

This is one of the beautiful 'Xenotes' in the middle of the ancient jungles...the Mayans had it pretty good! It looks very shallow, but the water was SO deep! It was just incredible. It felt so good to jump in!

This was probably my favorite day. We just spent the whole day going to different caves and springs in the middle of the jungle. I did take so many more photos, but these were a few of my favorites from my favorite tours that we did.