30 July 2014

A Day in Old Texas

Today, I awoke at the crack of dawn (ok fine, eight a.m. is not the crack of dawn - but when you're a night owl like me, that is pretty early). Why would I disrupt my alarmingly screwed up sleep schedule, you ask? Well, long story short - my best friend of fourteen years is off to serve our country in the United States Marine Corps. It's kind of a big deal. He leaves out to boot camp next week, and during that time I won't be in town to see him off so I decided it would be a good idea to have a last hurrah with him prior to his send-off. We went to Gruene, Texas. It is a super teeny tiny picturesque place not to far from the big city (where I live). 
Here is the famous Gruene Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas, where even some of the big greats in country music got started - including the legend himself, the King of Country, George Strait.
The General Store was probably the most awesome thing I saw that day - I wish I took pictures inside! It literally looks just as it must've looked ages ago - everything is so vintage and there is even a Pharmacy counter with kids selling ice creams and floats and milkshakes.
 There's that Marine soldier I was talking about, all smiles...
 This restaurant is legendary here in Texas. It is absolutely lovely - I definitely plan to return! 
 And the manly-man ordered a fruity drink. 
I'm wearing...
Crop Top - Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses - Aldo
High waisted shorts - Urban Outfitters
Socks - H&M (bought in Paris)
Bag - Longchamp
Shoes - Classic White Converse High Tops

Real Techniques by Sam & Nic Chapman

What's up, beauty babes? I am WAY late to the party on this one - sorry! I just recently ordered my first ever Real Techniques brushes online, and they have arrived! *happy dance time* Needless to say, these little babies are basically living legends in the beauty world - and I hadn't even heard of them until I started getting into beauty bloggers/vloggers this year. I think Tanya Burr and Zoe Sugg were the first to introduce me to them on their YouTube channels, and ever since then I so desparately wanted to give them a go. These guys are very hard to find in store where I live - pretty much impossible, in fact - so I took to the good old Interweb.

I am so so so happy to finally add the Blush Brush and the Expert Face Brush to my little collection! If you're wondering, the rest of my brush collection is the Sephora Presige Luxe Set, a gift my wonderful momma gave me for my eighteenth birthday! Those brushes are lovely as well, but I did find that the Buffing Brush from that collection (I used it to put on bases - foundations and BB creams, etc.) kept shedding on me and wasn't very good at doing it's job, haha! 

The Expert Face Brush (the orange one above) is genius. It is sturdy yet soft, and blends my foundations like a dream! Previously my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation took ages to blend, it ended up looky patchy and unsmooth - it was just a mess. But I find that using this brush has improved the way my foundation sits on my skin: it no longer looks cakey, it glides over bumps and imperfections...I gotta say this brush DEFINITELY has changed things for the better! I also use this to blend my concealers and again, lovely. The great pink Blush Brush is also amazing - it is a bit big for my small face, though. I use it for not only blush but bronzer too, and again, there is definitely a reason people love these so much! 

They are synthetic, very easy to wash, sturdy, soft...And, best of all, these brushes truly are INCREDIBLE quality for their super cheap drugstore price - I look forward to adding more of Sam and Nic Chapman's creations to my collection in the future! 

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26 July 2014

Long Hair Should Care

What's up, beauty babes?
Honestly I am usually very, very stingy as far as hair care goes - I would much rather spend a hundred dollars on skincare and make up than I would hair products. But, from this moment on, I have resolved to pay more attention to my hair and give it the tender-loving-care it craves! Here are a few of the things that will help me get there.
If you read my last blogpost, you will know that I recently had the keratin treatment done on my hair. Since then, I learned the do's and don'ts - do use shampoos free from Sodium Chloride and Sulfate. Don't wash your hair everyday (which I know is common knowledge, but I was guilty of that transgression - oopsies!). It is SO important to realize that Sodium Chloride is like kryptonite to keratin treated hair and can shorten the lifespan of your treatment; Sulfate does the same for hair color. Two products that I have been loving is the Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo and the Pureology Hydrate Conditioner! Let me just say, the conditioner is literally amazing. It smells like a spa and is soooo hydrating - it feels almost cold(?) in the shower and instantly makes my hair feel so smooth and soft (especially after using the shampoo, which tends to make me hair feel a bit dry and tight).

I decided to give these a go - an all natural supplement designed to help the healthy growth of hair , nails, and the appearance of skin. I have not noticed any drastic changes as of yet, but I do have faith that these will just help make my hair, skin, and nails just that much healthier. Can't hurt!

Another thing I have been using is this dry shampoo from the brand Not Your Mother's. First of all, I love everything about this brand: the packaging, the names of products, and the fact that they are made with only the good stuff - for a low price as well! Before my 'hair revolution' shall we say, I washed my hair every day. Talk about stripping hair of natural oils! I felt like I needed to even when I knew it was bad to wash every day. Now, I wash every other day. And unfortunately, on that skip day, I find that my hair definitely needs a little pick-me-up. I use this to freshen up on skip days and it absolutely does wonders to keep the oils and grubbiness at bay! 

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and stay tuned - I've just got to ULTA and may have picked up a few bits 'n bobs in the beauty department! Reviews and hauls coming soon! Do comment below what your favorite hair products are, if you've used any of these I've mentioned or shown above, or if you just wanna be a pal. Until next time! x

18 July 2014

Hair Probs feat. My Peahead + Keratin Treatment

Earrings by Kendra Scott, Top by Ann Taylor Loft 
What's up, beauty babes? As for me, I was born with straight hair. But - PLOT TWIST - by the time I was three years old, my hair had completely transformed into a mass of crazy curls atop my little peahead. And so for the next fifteenish years it continued to grow that way: long, thick, and curly. Some days, I would love my curls. Other times - more often than not - I would fight it. In fact, I am pretty sure I straightened my hair every friggin day in seventh grade because I just wanted smooth hair, OK!? and to not look like a poofball.  In recent years though, my hair sort of relaxed as far as curls went. They sort of transformed from very tight curls to softer curls; it is hard to explain but they did get slightly more managable. What didn't get any easier was the frizz. OH, THE FRIZZ! I never wore it down during the day for fear of the frizz - thank God I went to an-all girls high school where bad hair was the norm and nobody  really cared what you looked like! I pretty much wore my crazy hair in a bad braid or messy bun on the daily, especially at school. I still got loads of compliments on my hair - how soft it was, how beautiful it was - to which I responded, are you on crack? my hair is a mess! I have never HATED my hair...I just wished it was more manageable and more Blake Lively-esque (but don't we all).

A few days ago, I decided to end the battle with my hair and have the Nanokeratin treatment done on it. You remember the Brazilian Blowout? Well this is very similar and is of the same concept except it uses the all-natural protein of Keratin as opposed to the damaging chemicals or whatever was in the 'Brazilian Blowdry' which caused it to be recalled - yikes!

I was in the salon for about 4 to 5 hours on Tuesday. I know. Cray. It was a lengthy process, and after the treatment is over you have to wait 72 hours as the keratin is sealed into your hair. No water, no bobbi pins, no hair grips, no hair ties or headbands, nothing! for 72 hours. After the 72 hours are up, you are finally allowed to wash your hair and style it how you like. I am looking forward to 6 to 9 months of frizz free, shiny, healthy hair! Wahooo!


It is now the 21st July, almost a week since I did the keratin treatment. I have now added the picture you see above - sorry about the awful quality, as you can see it's an Instagram selfie! That, my friends, is what my hair looks like now WITHOUT the use of products or anything. I literally haven't done anything to my hair except wash it. The treatment transformed my hair! Literally no frizz. No tangles. Just soft, natural looking waves without even trying. I am in love with my new hair. It feels so much lighter and healthier - it is a few inches shorter now as well - and I cannot stop touching it! Stay tuned here on Annesque, more hair related posts coming soon including my new hair care routine!